Takin’ a Road Trip. I don’t know where this journey will take me or when it will end ~ only God knows that. You are welcome to tag along ~ as the saying goes, “The more the merrier”. Most of us need a wake-up-call to get healthy or make important lifestyle changes.  After years with chronic health issues, mine came the other day, “You have Stage 3 Liver Disease called Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis or NASH and Stage 4 is Cirrhosis”. I decided that I would start this Blog because I wanted to share my journey to better health with others. It is my hope and prayer that sharing my story will help someone else in the same or similar position.

Having any chronic health issue tends to create isolation and frustration. So as if it’s not hard enough to get motivated to exercise, we have commercials on TV or adds in a magazine for health and fitness that show a beautiful woman with perfect body measurements easily using fitness equipment or exercising. Well, here is a “real life” story for you – unedited. I am 49 years old, weigh 292 lbs (was recently up to 298 lbs), 5′ 7″, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood sugar, spinal degeneration, fibromyalgia, colitis, psoriasis, thyroid condition, Liver damage, and have had multiple surgeries. I have never really exercised routinely in my life – only hit or miss with “dieting”.

My health goals / lifestyle changes are as follows: 1) Lose about 90 pounds, 2) Learn to shop for, cook, and eat healthier foods,  3) Be more active and have less chronic pain in my daily life, 4) Stop the progression of Liver damage to Cirrhosis, and finally 5) Continue my passion of photography and share my images to the world. No one else can change your life. No one else will fight for your life like you can. To make a real change that lasts, we have to change how we think and live each day. Will you take on your health challenge?